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Basic idea

The Repository allow you to browse the experiments of other LIONESS Lab users and import them to your own account. You can then view the experiment, test it, copy it to your account and customise it as you wish. By making your own experiments 'public' (see below), other users may also import your experiment to their accounts and adjust it to meet their own requirements.

The Repository aims to facilitate easy development of experiments, avoid that experimenters are re-inventing the wheel by programming from scratch their own solutions to common issues, and to promote reproducibility of experimental methods and results.

Using the Repository

You can access the Repository of LIONESS Lab experiments from the landing page.

Repository main menu.png

You can search for experiments by using the field on the top right.

Repository search.png

In case you with to view an experiment, you can simply import it to your account by clicking on the '+' sign. The system will take you right to your own account, and the newly imported experiment will be ready for viewing. Note that you cannot make any changes until you have made a copy of the imported experiment in your own account.

Import experiment.png

Making your experiment available in the Repository

When you have made your experiment 'public' in the experiment settings page, your experiment will be visible to others in the Repository. You can always change the settings for an experiment by adjusting this setting in the 'experiment settings'.

Edit experimental settings.png

And then make your choice from the dropdown menu.

Private public.png